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CHARIS Bio-Collagen Serum

CHARIS Bio-Collagen Serum

High Concetrated Formula

- Brightens skin tone
- Improves facial contours
- Suitable for all skin types

Hydrolyzed collagen contains large amounts of the amino acids that are found in ordinary collagens. These amino acids make new collagen. Collagen is a natural soluble protein component of the elastic and connective tissues. It is that substance which holds our skin, cartilage and bones together. Around the age of 24, collagen starts dissipating from beneath the skin. Collagen is a product, which forms binding tissues and harbors moisture. Collagen fluid absorbs thirty times its weight in fluids and plums the skin from beneath, softening wrinkles.

CHARIS Bio-Collagen serum feels soft, light, and velvety, contains a high volume of collagen & anti-oxidants, and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Make-up glides smoothly over this luxury serum. This collagen serum can be used as a daily firmer or after applying masks.

Main ingredients: Purified water, hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin A, C, and E, Hyaluronic acid.

1 bottle x 10 ml

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