Ausway Tasmanian Squalene

Ausway Tasmanian Squalene

Ausway Tasmanian Squalene 1000mg
Each capsule contains 100% pure, 1000 mg of Squalene
365 capsules.


1) Squalene, an enhancer and restorer of the life force:
Squalene is the body’s primary builder of cholesterol and steroids. Cholesterol is vital to health, as it regulates metabolism, builds Vitamin D, and produces hormones. In addition to creating cholesterol, the body produces steroids which also function as hormone builders. Hormones are essential to human life. Without hormones, human beings become physically and mentally listless in daily life; sex drive typically diminishes in the elderly because their estrogen and testosterone hormones decrease. However, when elderly subjects take squalene, it is noted that their sex drive returns to a normal or even to a maximal level.

2) Squalene, a healer of liver disorders:
Three prominent Japanese hospitals-- Tokyo University, Fakuoka and National Hospitals—conducted research experiments that aimed to find a cure for hepatitis. Based on their research, all concluded that squalene is beneficial for healing multiple types of liver disorders.

3) Squalene, a cure for diabetes:
Diabetes, caused by an insulin shortage in the body, is a common disease affecting approximately 5% of the world’s population. The body requires squalene to build insulin hormone; taking squalene will strengthen and repair the pancreas and increase the body’s insulin level.

4). Squalene fortifies the immune system:
Doctors in Japan believe that squalene can increase the body’s immunity to diseases. This is because squalene's molecules consist of polymer isoprenes called terpene and and tripene; these substances are proven interferon inducers. Interferon can increase both the number and activity of cells in the spinal cord, lymph gland, liver and thymus. In particular, interferon enhances the power and endurance of lymphocyte T and B cells and macrophage cells. Hence it is no wonder that prior to the invention of antibiotics, squalene was widely used to cure tuberculosis, hepatitis, diabetes, influenza, and like diseases.

5). Squalene, a sterilizer and healer of wounds:
Squalene, effective as an oxygen supplier, replicates the function of ozone. Ozone kills microbes and oxygen is a metabolic cell activator. When treated with squalene, wounds heal faster and stop hurting. This would seem to substantiate Dr. Yoka’s theory that pain is caused by oxygen shortage.

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