Ausway Royal Jelly. After I had been taking this product for about six months, I noticed that my grey hair had turned somewhat darker. The grey hair had not completely gone away by any means, but the difference was definitely darker. Being the skeptical attorney that I am, I began to ask my friends and family if they noticed any change in my appearance. Some reported that I looked “younger” some how but they could not quite put their finger on why. I just smiled knowingly!
Hal C, Attorney, Newport Beach


Anti-wrinkle Creme. I have been applying this product on my face and neck very sparingly, but every day for about six months. It feels wonderful and goes on clear and clean. When my sister visited over the holidays she commented about how good I looked (for my age!) and that my skin in particular was smooth and youthful looking.
I am very pleased with the results.
Hal C, Attorney, Newport Beach


Jojoba Placenta Serum is one the the best facial products I have ever used. When I brought the serum home to use I was using about a week and noticed that I was using a lot of the product but I soon found out my wife and my daughter were in fact using the serum that I was using. They both loved it and now all three of us are using this serum and recommend to all our friends who want a more softer looking skin while yet it is firm.
Mo Lowry, Travel Guide and Hair Stylist, Nebraska


I have tried so many skincare products over the years- from the high end products to some lesser-known brands- and I have been extremely pleased with the Angelina line. My skin has never felt or looked so good. I get compliments all the time about how my skin "glows." I know that is because these products are all natural with ingredients like collagen and aloe vera. These are ingredients I feel good about using because I know they work. Also, the fact that more than 70% of the ingredients are organic, per Australian standards, is important to me. I eat organic food because it is better for my health and better for the environment, and that is important to me. I care as much about the skincare products I use, which is why I am committed to using the purest products on my face.
Rachel Lang, Writer, web designer, Los Angeles


I am the owner of a Hair Salon and an Esthetician since 1986. I am very happy to have found NOVA Skincare. I love their skin products! Their unique high quality products like Botox Crème, Placenta Concentrate, and Q10-II Nano Serum are my best sellers! After using these products, my customers look younger and tell me how much they love them.

Thank you NOVA Skincare for providing these wonderful products!

Susan Kelley, Owner of Just Hair Salon, Esthetician, Florist, Stylist in Lavista, Nebraska


The thing I liked most about this line is how quickly everything gets absorbed. I believe that's because these products are as pure as can be, without additives and fillers.

I was weary at first because I have very sensitive skin. I break out when creams are too "rich" but because this line is based on pure placenta extract, my skin just absorbs it right in!. My favorite product is the placenta extract ampoule. You really can't buy anything more nutritious for your skin. I've noticed my hyperpigmentation spots are fading much, much quicker and overall clarity of my skin has also improved.

If you think about it, other high-end lines (Natura Bisse, Chanel, La Mer, La Prairie, Tata Harper) only have a fraction of the nutrition this line has since they don't come in pure form. Our skin officially goes downhill from mid 20s. If this is enough to grow a baby sheep, that's enough to help regenerate my skin!

Annie Kim, Miss California 2006 & Miss Seoul 2011


I have been suffering from menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, sweats, night sweats, early awakening, and insomnia for over five years. I have taken herbal remedies and exercised regularly but these symptoms would not go away. I noticed about two months after taking royal jelly, propolis, evening primrose oil, and fish oil, twice a day, my symptoms have reduced gradually. I have been taking these products for more than a year now and no longer have any menopause symptoms. I thank the Acorn Tree Health Care and I highly recommend these wonderful products to women who also suffer from menopausal symptoms.

Anna Kim, Homemaker, Dallas, TX