NOVA Skincare USA (Acorn Tree, LLC) is an exclusive U.S. distributor of Angelina® and CHARIS®, bio-scientific Placenta skin care products manufactured by NOVA Group in Australia. We also import and distribute dietary supplements by Ausway in Australia.

All of our products are authentic, unexpired, and imported directly from the manufacturers in Australia and stored at our warehouse in California, United States. Our Australian products are manufactured at certified Good Manufacturing Practices facilities with all raw ingredients sourced from Australia. Placenta is obtained from natural sheep births at certified Australian farms and no animals were hurt or tested on.

Beware of counterfeit, expired products online.

Counterfeit products from China are often sold on the internet at low prices. Since Ebay, Amazon, and online sites cannot effectively regulate counterfeit products, precaution must be taken to avoid purchasing counterfeit products. We received multiple reports of unauthorized sellers pretending to be Australian manufacturers sending samples to retail stores at low prices. These fake vendors with no affiliation to the manufacturers will often use PO box addresses to mask their identities.

Counterfeit products are categorized by:

1) Change in Expiration Date: Sellers obtain expired products from retail stores and sell with new expiration dates on the boxes. Many have been expired or discontinued for many years. Placenta skincare products have short shelf life formulated at a scientific lab and using expired products is harmful to the body.

2) Products with chemicals: Consumer protection agencies warn that counterfeit products have similar smell, texture, and packaging as authentic products, but contain dangerous chemicals. Fake products can cause cancer, discoloration, cell damage, and fungi.

Link: Homeland Security warns of dangerous counterfeit cosmetics by Fox. 
Link: Warning on fake make-up tainted by CYANIDE and other dangerous chemicals: Counterfeit versions by Daily Mail. 

Acorn Tree, LLC, Nova Skincare USA is an exclusive distributor and authorized seller on Amazon and eBay. Please contact us at AcornTreeLLC@gmail.com to become a retailer.